Meat processing

Ever wondered “where to go” or “what to do” with all the meat from your relaxing hunting trip? Look no further! We will process all the meat according to your wishes, at a fee, and deliver it to your doorstep FREE OF CHARGE. Conditions apply. Your convenience is our satisfaction!

If requested, we collect your carcasses at the farm where you have hunted or you can deliver it at our abattoir. We have a variety of mouthwatering recipes and spices, that are carefully selected to compliment your meat.

Item R/kg
Cutting & mincing 5,00 /kg carcass weight
Biltong spicing 4,00 /kg meat
Chilli bites / TV Sticks cutting & spicing 8,00 /kg meat
Sausages – Spicing & thick filling 11,25 /kg meat
Sausages – Spicing & thin filling 14,25 /kg meat
Cocktail Sausages – Spicing & thin filling 14,50 /kg meat
Cabanossi – Smoked 15,50 /kg meat
Salami (cooked) – Spicing & filling 23,00 /kg meat
Hamburger patties 11,50 /kg meat
Meat Balls (Frikkadelle) 11,50 /kg meat
Sosaties 11,50 /kg meat
Drying 3,50 /kg meat
Smoking 5,00 /kg meat
De-boning and roll (twine or net) 7,00 /kg meat
Rolls & roasts spicing 5,00 /kg meat
Marinade & vacuum 11,50 /kg meat
Vacuum packing 3,75/kg meat
Marinades 38,00 /liter
Packaging 24,00 /box
Pork spek 48,00 /kg meat
Beef brisket fat 68,00 /kg meat
Sheep tail fat 85,00 /kg meat
Peppadews 40,00 /kg
Cheese 75,00 /kg

Carcasses from other farms

Item R/kg
Skinning & slaughtering 2,50 /kg carcass weight
Breaking into primal cuts 1,50 /kg carcass weight

We make a variety of venison products on request such as:

  • Mouth watering venison boerewors, spek wors and cheese wors
  • Stuffed legs, gammons, hams, venison rolls and stuffed roasts
  • Delicious breakfast sausages, cheese grillers, russians & cocktail sausages
  • Cabanossi, salami & various cold meats
  • Smoked meats, spare-ribs, kassler rib & other cured products
  • Venison biltong, TV-sticks, chilli bites and dry wors

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